My Ink Dreams

There are dreams all around us. Willing dreams. Colourful dreams. Sharing dreams. Living dreams. Fearing dreams. Pretentious dreams. Sometimes they are just simply dreams, nothing less nothing more...

Here are my dreams. The Art in Word. The Art in Image. The ink dream.

The stories are based on my own experiences, they are collection of my memories and realizations. The collection of emotions and motions. Inspiration. Confusion. Breaking tears in desperation.

It's all about the (e)motion in the moment.

(everything written and posted [if not otherwise indicated] is my own intellectual property and copyrighted. be free to ask me anything.)


as the knitted imagination,

burning dream,

drawing sky,

flowing cloud,

brightening whisper,

colourful moonlight,

glory word…

reshaping endless stardust into graceful world within world around eyes,

and many lives coexisting the beauty within breath of open horizons,

unzipping the invitation of illusion formed in creativity,

stained in art which washes the dust of burning equality… 

to the beauty of truth, as truth belongs to human heart to remain!


Bathed in the change of spring

and deserted hallways of heart

I resist sensibility

of my own darkness

keeping eyes closed

for a beat of heart

when I meet you.

Mine… you

I need these moments of you

Just sometimes

Just little

Just mine moments of you

For the sake of passing time

let them appear like shadows on the wall

Just mine moments of you

It was like a shadow

old days and memories

walking behind the walls

filling my mouth whispering

and blowing my heart away.

You still slowly tap

in a hallway of my dreams

with lullaby in the stars

song that gives the wings.


Of all colours

your embrace

I love the most

When a plant gives you love in return…

When a plant gives you love in return…

It happens again. At the crossroad I am getting this huge desire to express the situation in hope it would fix it all. But at the age of 36 it seems like I haven’t learnt my lessons yet. Or…

It’s beginning of July. The 9th to be precise and 3 days ago I’ve learnt that within next 2 months I have to find another existential source. I hit the road again…

With the quite a list of different work experience (thou I feel more comfortable with the noun straggling than experience at the moment) I somehow lost my track. What I wished for myself was the thought that made me think twice. Frankly, more than twice. But then, is the life we really desire just a dream we all dream all way long? Never ending up at that fair point when we spread out hands and our heart in joyfulness of reaching it? Is there always that single thought of possibility in reaching something better?

One smart person once has said that only stupid people don’t change. Was it just an excuse for not reaching that dream we had at the first step? Or, we really change all way long and than, at the end, we feel unaccomplished?

So, on the road again. The road which I am not sure which direction I would like to take. Maybe my lesson is accepting changes. God doesn’t expect us to be perfect, just excellent.

Following that, I am completely sure in something – it is going to be an interesting one. The previous curves, motorways and tunnels have been amusing in every sense. And all of them hit in some weird order, at the first sight completely disconnected from my truly being, but the richness that has brought into my life was immense. And that very immense universe of the new is something that makes me move into happiness of tomorrow.

After all, all that we possess is just this moment which has neither failures nor winners; it just exists in the speed of light.



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Game over

Game over

The Act

Spinning away desires dreams and hopes

I am feeling stranger’s dragging my mind

on the road that crystallized the future

with gift of today.

And I’m drawing the rainbow

with crayons left behind the child

puzzling the past.

My thoughts learnt to escape the cave of similar desires

I might even step in streets paved with cinnamon.

Blue. Night is blue.

The sound is hidden in the cells

of entire world once dreamt with you.


Spinning away desires dreams and hopes

I am feeling stranger’s dragging my mind

on the road that crystallized the future.


In a prison of own thoughts and ideas

Offered opportunities in blue

I lied down the aisle and kept my breath for short

Inspiring emptiness with silly behaviour

Crashing the strength of manipulation


I lost my steps on the pathway which rain washed with autumn

And that autumn came with yellow, gold, green and cold

I squeezed my heart in smell of happiness breathing the warmth of moment

And cold hands became sudden golden embrace of today


time for the park in summertime…

time for the park in summertime…


I love when the sea water is not too hot.

And I love the goose bumps when you get out the water.

I love windy yesterdays for refreshing expectation of tomorrows.

And salty sense on the skin late in the evening…